The Raw Beauty Of Instant Nudes

Nude Girl on Polaroid by RRR Diaz
Hysteria | by RRR Diaz

A Sensual Selection Of Naked Girls On Polaroid.

Han Boersma is an addict. Not to drugs or alcohol, but to art and the beauty of nude girls. After studying fine arts he worked as an art restorer and, over time, became a collector of photography. His true love are the authentic one-of-a-kind photographs like wet-plates and  Polaroids which can never be reproduced. Now, as a collector-turned-gallerist, Han presents the raw beauty of instant photography and alternative printing techniques in the fittingly named  gallery “Raw Beauty” in Arnhem, Belgium.

 Once I had seen my first collodion wet-plates, I was hooked! I fell in love with these Raw Beauties. I loved the energy emanating from these unretouched works of art, their soul self-evident and their expressiveness uncompromised by post-processing. In the digital art world, the soul of an image is too often edited away, in my humble opinion.

The Raw Beauty Gallery creates projects which are new, edgy and quite possibly controversial. They will all be eternalized in specially made books like the Polaroid project volume, ‘Raw Beauties’, from where the following selecting is taken. This book can be purchased in the webshop and there are still a number of Polaroid originals for sale.