sweetest sun bath :Kara Neko by Jonathan Waiter
sweetest sun bath :Kara Neko by Jonathan Waiter 

Often in life we use our personal style as way to define who we are to the world, such as the clothes we wear or the latest technology we possess. With so many elements to explore we become detached characters, unable to connect to one another or even ourselves. When we unveil our masks and allow ourselves to be vulnerable we are confronted with what exists within: the insecurities, sadness, joy, and the instinctual desire to live and love.
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Lina Scheynius – Exhibition 02 (excerpts from the diary series)
Lina Scheynius – Exhibition 02 (excerpts from the diary series)By turning the camera towards herself, Scheynius invites the viewer not only to follow her private life, but also to observe her naked body. In 02 she poses in different spaces and positions, nude and intimate. Despite the sexual denotations, the portraits challenge traditional theories of the female role as passive and objectified. By her exploration of exhibitionism and the self-portrait the photograph endorses her to re-present herself as the subject.

Through the photographic works the spectator does not only enter the gaze and private life of the artist, he or she also becomes the spectator of a photographic performance. While the artist performs her body, the performative means of the photograph perform her identity and how we read her body.

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From mind to hand to mind to hand to mind.

From mind to hand to mind to hand to mind.

Dear Trouble & Ninja, I often close my eyes to feel pleasure, I think as way to concentrate on all senses except sight, because I enjoy it but don’t trust it completely. In contrast to other senses, sight takes time to judge, and it’s so overwhelming. Touch, smell, taste, hearing… they’re so honest to us, so spontaneous, so real. I love senses! Anyway, when I close my eyes I have a hard time stopping my mind from creating other images, from imagining, and that’s the movement I wanted to depict here. From mind to hand to mind to hand to mind. Love, Sophie /notsophiesworld to nymphoninjas