Nicholas Ramirez | T & A and a bottle of honey

Nicholas Ramirez, naked girls in cool and sexy photographs.

Nicholas Ramirez seems to be one of the some who have all the luck. Spending day and night with gorgeous girls, having fun in the sun and beauties in the bed. Luckily for the rest of us his  homegirl asked him to shoot her for a video. He ended up liking it.

Since then he’s, armed with a cam called Rebel T3i, on a shooting spree throughout Miami. Learning by shooting, one frame at a time, Nicholas captures the girls like a duck takes the water.

Within not even one and a half year Nicholas has created a folio that is pure dope.

In his own words:

Hell nah! Wtf are u waiting for? Go grab some ass and titties. Make sure u buy a bottle of honey and get some coc so u can sniff some lines off her ass


Anybody wana shoot holla at ya guala


Thanks but im no where. I got a LONG WAY TO GO. But just Hustle….. Fuck everyone who doubt u.


I sell drugs and pimp hoes so i have money. But do weddings, kids, babies, cars etc. NOT just girls. It wont make u as much money… If u aint getting paid if any of the above or have a regular job, just do a line of cocaine. It will make u feel better


Find out what u like first… Guys girls cars landscape and w.e and then shoot that shit 24/8 the best way i learned was by ever shoot. There are hella girls down here and very nice skies, beach, cars, etc. miami the place to be.


No college no school. Learned how to edit videos and pictures from youtube. Bought a camera and just started shooting. Learned from every shoot. Had help from a friend photographer and thats pretty much it