Adriana Chechik and Dana Vespoli | The Lesbocalypse II

The Turning, part 2, starring Adriana Chechik , Anikka Albrite and  Dana Vespoli at girlsway.

The Turning, Girlsway’s 6 part feature, directed by  Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, continues with this chilling second chapter:

The next day, after not hearing from her foster daughter in almost 24 hours, a nervous Mrs. Smith (Dana Vespoli) decides to call her Pastor for advice. While her step-mother is on the phone, Sara tries to pass the time and calm her anger by flipping through wedding magazines. After mom hangs up and joins her, suddenly, Halle arrives home. There is something unusually happy about her, as she excitedly hands over a brochure for a new-age wellness retreat that her new friend Freedom (Mercedes Carrera) has helped her book for the weekend.

The images in Halle’s mind begin to flash faster and faster

Sara takes one look at the brochure and throws a fit, lashing out in Halle’s face and accusing her of sabotaging her wedding. Channeling all of the confidence she learned the previous night, Halle fights back for the first time in life and the two foster sisters go at it, with Mrs. Smith struggling to separate them. Then, out of nowhere, something begins to happen to Halle … a strange dizziness and thirst that begins to consume her thoughts.
After gulping down glasses of water and stripping off her clothes to get some air, Halle crawls sheepishly into bed as her concerned foster mother checks her symptoms and says a prayer to help her feel better. Feeling a sense of belonging for the first time in her life, Halle drifts off to sleep to calm the fog in her mind.

Adriana Chechik, Anikka Albrite, Dana Vespoli are the nude stars of the second chapter of

But the fog does not lift. In fact, the images in Halle’s mind begin to flash faster and faster, taking an unexpectedly naughty twist as the day turns into night and the thirst inside of her grows more carnal. Her fragile young mind and tight, supple body are worked into a frenzy that literally snap her out of bed and sends her on a quest for the one thing that can quench her lips. All of her lips.

Adriana Chechik, Anikka Albrite, Dana Vespoli are the nude stars of the second chapter of
Sliding out of the room, she stumbles from room to room until she finds the ultimate source of sweet nectar: her sleeping foster mother!

Adriana Chechik and Dana Vespoli deliver one of the most intense lesbian sex scenes ever filmed in the history of Girlsway, as Halle and her foster mother, Mrs. Smith, go head to head in an ultimate sloppy wet battle for pussy juices.

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