Alexa and Joel Tomas | Sex in the open window

Alexa and Joel Tomas, a real life couple nude and exposed in the window. A video from luciemakesporn.

Alexa and Joel Tomas | Real Sex in the Real World.

Alexa and Joel Tomas, the real life couple from Barcelona, play a real life couple in Lucie Blush‘s An all-night affair. The movie tells the story how they meet in real life at a real party and soon snug away to get real. The film does not distract with too much story, all you see is real people having real sex. All night long, and while the day starts they move to the open window, exposing real love to the real world. A nice reminiscence to their voyeuristic classic Spying on a couple having sex. Lucie Blush’s video comes with a NOW in the upper right corner of the screen, a little reminder that the film was shot in real time.

An all-night affair is for sure the real thing, really.

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