Alexa Tomas and Lexi Dona | Together

Andrej Lupin's
Andrej Lupin's "Together" shows Alexa Tomas and Lexi Dona as lesbian lovers.

Andrej Lupin’s “Together” shows Alexa Tomas and Lexi Dona as lesbian lovers.

Together tells the story of a woman, Alexa Tomas, who finally reunites with her love, Lexi Dona. The two beautiful brunettes while away the hours by strolling boulevards, stealing kisses, and walking hand in hand on the beach.
This sensual teaser gives you a peek in the first awakening of the two long separated lovers. Bathed in sunlight, the nude lovers savor a long, leisurely, and passionate luscious session of lovemaking. Lexie pleasures her exceedingly receptive and responsive partner with tender, lingering kisses and intense licking. Alexa returns the favors with deep kissing and deep fingering till they both get lost in shivering orgasms.

The passionate and tender film by has been produced by the radest redhead of them all, Ms. Ariel Piper Fawn.

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Cast: Alexa Tomas and Lexi Dona
Released: Feb 6, 2015
Runtime: 25:38
Director: Andrej Lupin