Alexa Tomas | A Dream In Nude

Alexa Tomas and Lauren nude in REM | video still from scene 01 | crave at VivThomas

Alexa Tomas and Lauren in REM |  a lesbian dream

REM, inspired by a story from VT member Lex, explores the haunting nature of erotic dreams. Guy Ranieri Sblattero creates a disturbing yet arousing atmosphere through sound, dreamlike camerawork and the intimate chemistry between its stars, that reminds the work of Paul and Ilona Black.

Lauren (making her VT debut) dreams she is walking into a classroom; in her trance-state she switches between being fully clothed, and wearing just her thong panties. Alexa Tomas turns from the blackboard to look at her, kisses her passionately, and peels off her figure-hugging dress. She lies back on the desk, spreading her thighs so Lauren can lick and finger her, then goes face down, ass up as Lauren spreads her luscious pink pussy and eats her from behind till she comes like crazy. Now Alexa kneels to lick Lauren’s puffy clit and frig her hard. She pushes Lauren onto her back, stuffs her panties in her mouth, and gives her a mind-blowing orgasm. Lauren awakens, masturbating… but was it really just a dream?

The atmosphere, the incredibly intense sexual action, the amazing chemistry between Alexa and Lauren, the epic orgasms and the way you told this first part of the story are unique amazing things that can be found only in your masterpieces and only here on VT. Larry (VT member)

REM, Episode one – crave, is as arousing as it is unsettling. Seductive superstar Alexa Tomas and the beautiful Lauren will haunt your dreams and fuel your fantasies.

VivThomas |a cut above the rest.