Ally Breelsen and Assoli play Hide and Seek

Ally Breelsen and Assoli playing Hide and Seek nude with Matt Ice. Still from the free video at SexArt.

A game of “Hide and Seek” has never looked like so much fun!

Set to a funky soundtrack, “Hide and Seek” kicks off with a cute trio playing an energetic game. When it’s the turn of Russian beauties Ally Breelsen and Assoli to hide from Matt Ice, they bring a naughty twist to the game by stripping naked and surprising him with a threeway kiss. Matt’s bemusement instantly turns to arousal as both girls stroke him through his shorts. Ally kisses him as Assoli kneels to unleash his boner, wetting it in her mouth and then offering it to Ally to suck. They look up at Matt playfully as they kiss around his cock and lavish attention on it, taking turns to suck it deep and lap at his balls. Assoli stands to let Matt power into her from behind as she makes out with her pretty girlfriend; then they move to the floor, Ally riding Matt’s prick as Assoli sits on his face, leaning forward to suck Ally’s nipples. From here things get increasingly frenetic as the gorgeous girls savour Matt in spoons and cowgirl, not pausing for breath until they’ve both enjoyed powerful orgasms. Kissing as they jerk out a thick load, they play their final little joke on him…

Cast: Ally Breelsen & Assoli & Matt Ice
Released: Dec 13, 2015
Runtime: 26:53
Director: Andrej Lupin

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