Amarna Miller and Amber Nevada

Amarna Miller and Amber Nevada go nude and naughty in Corporate Bonding at joybear films.

Amarna Miller and Amber Nevada go nude and naughty in Corporate Bonding at joybear films.

Be Yourself | Amarna Miller and Amber Nevada in Corporate Bonding

Amarna Miller and Amber Nevada as Leyla and Bella enjoy a lustful encounter in the movie Corporate Bonding by Joybear Pictures.

Corporate Bonding tells the story how good teamwork can lead to surprising situations. Rookie lawyer Leyla organises a team-building weekend by the beach for her and her firm of London lawyers. As trust is gained, intimacy is earned and sparks start to fly.

Be Yourself, the episode pictured here, coincides perfectly with an anecdote told by one member of the Joybear community:

I was at one of those Christmas parties that nobody ever seems to want to attend. It was winding down around midnight, with only a few stragglers left, and I found myself in a corner booth with my male boss, “M”, and the new female office administrator, “L”, on the other side of him. “M” had always been a bit of a harmless flirt and was basically trying to get us girls to tell him naughty secrets. Usually we’d brush his silly sleaziness off, but “L” and I had polished off three bottles of Prosecco between us and were feeling the effects of the bubbles. He kept egging us on to kiss each other until eventually, more to shut him up than anything else, we touched our lips together. We were both still laughing when we started kissing, but soon our giggles faded, our lips softened and melted into each other, her hand came up to rest atop my cleavage and my hand rested on her thigh under her skirt. I remember “M”’s breath going really heavy as he watched “L”’s hand part my legs. I can’t tell much more, apart from the fact that at one point one of us slid under the table…

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