Amarna Miller | Blow My Mind

Dive into the deep corners of Amarna Miller‘s subconscious.

Lucie Blush, the one girl army fo a better pornographic future, fulfilled herself a dream by shooting with ravishing redhead Amarna Miller. Blow My Mind follows Raquel (Amarna) while she falls asleep, with a picture in mind that triggers her imagination. A film that visualize her wild dream, witnessing bizarre scenes and observing the manifestation of her synapses putting fantasies together. She focuses on Adrián, played by Pablo Ferrari, whom she’s been wanting to savour for a while. In her head, all the desires come true. She sucks him, mounts him, lets him pleasure her in every way she wants.

The goal was to dive into the vividness of wet dreams and show how intense the sexual mind is. With this I also wanted to show that women do have as intense a sexuality as men and it’s high time they start exploring themselves and taking control over their sexuality. Lucie Blush

Blow My Mind offers us a trip into the mind of a girl, high on desire. A movie as sweet and bright as a dream. Nothing matters. Only the present moment. Amarna is letting herself be guided by her inner self, and we follow her on her luscious journey.

Blow My Mind by Lucie “LucieMakesPorn” Blush