Amber Cute | ‘Art Of Anal’

Amber Cute as a nude model in 'Art Of Anal' at NubileFilms.

Cuteness Overload: Amber Cute at NubileFilms

Lusty redhead Amber Cute has gotten naked so that Denis Reed can draw her beautiful figure, but the horny hottie soon realizes that Denis never will become an artist. So she suggest alternate ways to appreciate her nude body.

Denis, ashamed of his artistic failure buries his face between her legs. Using his long fingers and his clever tongue, Denis gets Amber moaning her joyful ecstasy.

Rolling onto her belly, Amber pulls Denis’s cock out for a play date with her hot wet mouth. After a few experimental licks, she wraps her soft lips around her man’s shaft and goes to town sucking away. Once she has positioned Denis on his back, Amber takes advantage and climbs aboard for a slow and steady ride. Her hips thrust in a gentle rhythm as she enjoys the pace that she has set.

The couple changes things up so that Amber is on her back enjoying a pounding that gets her small breasts bobbing in time to Denis’s thrusts. When he has ensured that Amber is wet and ready, Denis pulls out of the warmth of her pussy and pushes deep into her booty. After a few slow pushes, Denis finds Amber more than willing to take a rough ride so he lets loose for a hot and heavy ride.

In the closing scene Amber is on her hands and knees as her groans of ecstasy are the precursor to Denis’ own moan of completion as he pulls out just in time to cover Amber’s back with his hot sticky love.

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