Aphro Oner | The Lust Project.

Aphrocentricity, a city full of lustful ladies.

Aphrocentricity, the world of Aphro Oner, seems to center around some mysterious hotel where every room is filled with beautiful girls. Often inked and mostly naked, they loll around, pleasuring themself or enjoying each other. Every now and then they escape, walk naked through the floors or stroll through the city. One may say that Aphro Oner applies every cliché of nude photography, from girls with guns to ladies flashing for no specific reason in disaster areas, but he does so in such a close and personal connection with his models that every pose comes as real, unscripted fun. In that way his self-labeled artporn is of a charmingly innocent beauty. Beside his ongoing Lust Project, he is also into street photography, graffiti, hiphop, stickers and all things urban guerrilla. A street hero on a shooting spree.

via Violet Blue