Arena Fox | Champagne Sex

Arena Fox, nude in a black body-stocking and heels, toys herself with a bottle champagne in a video by Higinio Domingo at TheLifeErotic.

Arena Fox Savours Champagne In Style.

Beautiful blonde Arena gives a truly stylish performance in this new video by TheLifeErotic Director Higinio Domingo. Dressed in a black body-stocking and heels, the feline lady explores the many ways to enjoy a bottle of champagne. A video as steamy hot as it is sparkling.

Areana Fox is sitting on a red cube seat in a stark white room, wearing an opaque black body-stocking and heels. Her hair is an elegant ponytail, her lips crimson. She’s drinking champagne from the bottle and lets it dribble down her chin. With silver-manicured fingers, she starts to stroke the glass neck, then licks and sucks on it. She plays it down her body, caressing her own breasts, and when she parts her legs, we see the crotch of her outfit is ripped open. She rubs the cool glass against it, frigs her swollen labia and clit, then sinks her fingers in her pussy. As her excitement rises, she takes the bottle-neck into her mouth, like she’s sucking cock. Her breath comes in short gasps, punctuated with muffled moans. Her juiced-up pussy is leaving her fingers wet and creamy, and she brings the champagne bottle down, playing the neck-end against her slit. Sliding off the chair she sits on the floor, legs splayed wide, and starts to fuck herself with it. Next, she begins to massage her asshole with her fingers, slipping two inside. Then she rubs the bottle against it, before sliding that in, the neck stretching her open as she pushes it deeper. All the while, she’s fingering her clit and pussy, and as she pumps the bottle hard and fast, she cums, moaning loudly, her entire body thrashing and quivering on the floor. Finally, she raises the bottle to her mouth, and licks the end of it.

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