Bella Blond and Nick Wolanski | Berlin

Bella Blond and Nick Wolanski in Berlin by Andrej Lupin for SexArt.

Le Sex Hot | Andrej Lupin’s Vintage Collection – Berlin

“Berlin” the latest addition to Andrej Lupin’s nostalgic “Vintage Collection” series is not so much about time or place, as it is about atmosphere, a certain mood, a rich flavor of times gone by. The Dixieland jazz soundtrack underscores the roaring twenties mood, and headliner Bella Blond is dressed and styled to period perfection. As the film begins she appears to be alone, reclining seductively on a bed. When we return from the titles she’s been joined by Nick Wolanski, and Bella engages in a bit of teasing. Teasing, however, is replaced by pleasing when she frees his cock from his trousers and begins to give Nick a lengthy blowjob highlighted by much tantalizing eye-contact. This is followed by a bout of soixante neuf, then a reverse cowgirl screw while Blond is still wearing her elaborate lingerie. Soon Bella’s exquisite breasts are freed from their lacy bonds, her ruby lipstick is but a faint memory, and the couple proceed with a steady, steamy, fuck. While Nick is a skilled and attentive lover, Bella is the dominant force in this pas de deux, riding her man vigorously to achieve her own orgasmic pleasure. “Berlin” is a delicious delicacy for those with a taste for le sex hot.

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Cast:Bella Blond & Nick Wolanski
Released: Apr 8, 2015
Runtime: 22:51
Director: Andrej Lupin
Producer: Ariel Piper Fawn