Silly Rabbit, Dildos Are For Kicks !

Bree Daniels and Jillian Janson as nude bunnies in Silly Rabbit, Dildos are for kicks at colette.

Bree Daniels and Jillian Janson | The Silly Rabbit And The Nude Bunny.

It’s all in the pink in this beautiful bizarre story of a bunny girl and his dildo devouring girl friend. “Silly Rabbit, Dildos Are For Kicks” is pure PopPorn, served by Colette.

“This year, beautiful Bree decided to hop down the bunny trail in search of some bunny tail. What did she find but a magical white unicorn cuddling with dream girl Jillian Janson in the Field of forest. Bree’s long ears sprung to attention. Is this a fantasy or reality? To find out, she took lovely Jillian to her natural lair (a bedroom) to explore her further. She certainly feels and kisses like a real girl. And once unmasked from her Gothic bunny suit, Bree discovers that Jillian’s pussy tastes quite delicious. The fair young blonde maiden seems to get quite wet when finger-fucked. Soon, the tables are turned, and the raven haired one with those luscious lips is naked on her back wearing only her bunny collar. Before long, two creamy-skinned bodies are cumming together. Then what should appear but a giant pink Rabbit Dildo. When allowed deep inside either girl’s perfect pussy, it produces Magical Orgasms. Spread those cheeks! My, what sweet asses they have. Moral to the story: If you look as great as Bree and Jillian, you can fuck happily ever after.” Colette