Caprice | Dressed To Thrill.

Caprice and Marcello Bravo are Dressed To Thrill (nude) at x-art.

Caprice and Marcello Bravo, Dressed To Thrill, Undressed To Fuck.

Caprice, dressed-up for a night on the town, tires of waiting for her real life lover Marcello. Sitting inside her luxury car, she lifts her black silk designer gown high allowing her hands access to her inner thighs. As Marcello climbs into the driver’s seat, Caprice gives him a little unexpected slap across his face, his punishment for making his Lady wait. She takes control, grabs his head and kisses him passionately. Leaning in, her dress hikes up over her hips revealing her perfect flower. The two lovebirds turn the night on the town into an awesome thrill of pure lust. Produced and shot by Brigham Field.