The Lecherous Cherry On The Cake | Jessica Stoller

Jessica Stoller

Jessica Stoller‘s Cabinet of curiosities lures you into the dark side of Alice’s wonderland. A realm of the unpredictable, filled with naked flesh, dark brides and aching lust. Sometimes her porcelain figurines gather together, forming real space vanitas still life paintings. Her dark tableaus, like hidden treasures from Byron‘s Villa Diodati are covered with delicate  figurines made using a process, known as ‘lace draping‘; a method developed in the 18th century to convert genuine fine lace and other fabrics into porcelain.
These dark, romantic objects come with a clever twist by mixing kinky comics fantasies with the sublimal sexuality of fairytales. Rococo relics glazed with cuteness overload.

I really like the alchemistic-like process of materials transforming in the kiln, when you open the kiln it’s always a surprise. I also try to push myself to be inventive and create new forms and surfaces, like, “this time no breasts!” Stop relying on breasts [laughs].
snippet from an in-depth interview at Slutist: flesh feminism and the sublime


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