Don´t touch me | Lucie Blush

Update: Lucie changed her project to CommonSensual and replaced the video with this one.

Here´s a first teaser from the films of Lucie Blush. Lucie, just turned 26 and she does not only write about porn. She´s a truffel-hunter for the best porn thereout there and she shoots her own porn films.

Don’t Touch Me is a short about what happens after a couple spends a long time apart.

Juan is a drummer and he’s coming back from a two-month tour. Bianca is torn, she’s happy to see him but she’s also mad at him for leaving her for such a long time. What follows is a kinky struggle as Bianca is going to take control and make him realize he’s going to make up for the time lost.

Little by little, the couple is going to find their intimacy again, thanks to a passionate session of hot sex.

This little teaser may not really unfold the story but you´ll clearly see that Lucie offers honest porn, that is real, true and far away from mainstream clichés. Join her passion here.