An Easy Provocation

Fine nude photography of a girl at Easy Provocation.
Fine nude photography by Laurent Benaim at Easy Provocation.
The Lady behind Easy Provocation photographed by Laurent Benaim.

Gribsonia | An Easy Provocation on tumblr.

If the first post on a girls’ tumblr is a nude photography of herself, one can call it a promising start. If this photograph is shot by Laurent Benaim, one of the most skilled artist in contemporary erotic photography, it is safe to say that she’s setting the standards high. And the unknown slender lady behind Easy Provocation, the tumblr in question, maintains the high quality with every following image she is posting. Easy Provocation is still a very young project that started only about two month ago, yet is already among the most promising personal blogs in the tumblverse. Go see, go follow.