Erotic Glitch Art on Facebook

Erotic Glitch Art on facebook by Antonin Laval
by Antonin Laval
Erotik Glitch Art Exhibition on facebook
Er{}tYc* Gl^TkH | Online Exhibition Poster

Er{}tYc* Gl^TkH | the very first Erotic & Porn Glitch Art Exhibition.

Arthur Kats’in, a visual artist, recently created an online exhibition on facebook that presents 16 media artists working in the glitch art field. The term glitch art describes a type of new media art that lays out defects—glitches—in a given computer system onto a visual canvas, whether it’s print, 3-D installation, or computer screen, by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices. In it’s core it is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors,  like visual artifacts.

Erotic Glitch Art on facebook. Image by Emiliano Bossi
by Emiliano Bossi

Not all works in the Er{}tYc* Gl^TkH exhibition are real glitch art, but rather reproduce the look of corrupted images with traditional ways of image manipulation, however the online project itself can be seen as a glitch art work in itself. The distorted images remain explicit but bypass the censoring bots of facebook, thus using the bugs of the social media platform to create an art event that usually wouln´t have the slightest chance to exist for more than a couple of minutes.

The following pages show a selection of works from Er{}tYc* Gl^TkH.

A good stating point to explore the world of glitch art is Phillip Stearns’ collection of glitch art resources.