I Feel Myself

a glimpse into the realm of I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself is passionate about female masturbation and orgasm. The keyword is authenticity. The orgasms are real. Can we prove that all the orgasms on I Feel Myself are real? Obviously not. But if you take a look at the teaser you´ll agree that it comes (no phun intended )  naturally and authentic.

These truly passionate souls have created a site where the women you will watch are genuinely engaged in the process of making fine erotica – they value this opportunity to express themselves sexually, and feel relaxed and comfortable masturbating in front of a camera. Watch the ‘lucubrations’ (interviews) and you’ll see what we mean. The ladies talk about their sexual philosophies, their methods, their fantasies and experiences – and aboutwhy they love their intimate masturbation experience to be shown on I Feel Myself.

In short, IFM  creates beautiful erotica, ethically, and there are plenty of gorgeous ladies of all ages, races and styles who genuinely adore the experience of masturbating in front of a camera. And that is reason enough to admire I Feel Myself.