It´s time for female erotica in Italy



According to a group of Italian female directors Italy needs to widen the perspective on sexuality and its beauty. So they got together to form La Ragazze Del Porno  to realize a short porn erotic compilation, to be issued as a single film.

We are a group of Italian female directors, between 25 and 75 years of age, who have been working for years in main stream and independent cinema, theatre, television and video art. Our project is to produce a collection of  porn shorts d’auteur. In Italy we  especially need to widen the perspective on sexuality and its beauty, and to free it from standard aesthetic canons, no matter which gender or sexual orientation we are dealing with. We believe that the expressions of desire are manifold, and we propose to finally show them freely in all their forms – a new porn for the pleasure of all to see and to enjoy.

Within the framework of our project, every director will be able to determine her own aesthetics and her own point of view, whether through fiction, gonzo, documentary or video art and, most importantly, there will be no form of censorship. We have been inspired by similar projects which were made in Sweden, Spain, France, Denmark and the USA. In some of these countries, these films have been made thanks to public funding, but in Italy we realized that crowdfunding is our best option. One of our initatives is “art for porn”,  a sale of art works  donated by important artists to support our project.


The directors and authors involved are: Mara Chiaretti, Industria Indipendente (Erica Z. Galli and Martina Ruggeri), Tiziana Lo Porto, Anna Negri, Regina Orioli, Titta Cosetta Raccagni, Lidia Ravviso, Emanuela Rossi, Slavina, Monica Stambrini, Roberta Torre.

Through this crowdfunding initiative, they will be producing three out of the ten short films that make up a  collective group film titled MY SEX. Hope is that the impact of these first three will set off a chain reaction, allowing  to finance the others very soon.

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