Sex On The Rocks | SammRose and Dakota

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SammRose and Dakota | Waterfall Lesbians.

These sweet ladies, lost in tender kisses may look like innocent lovelies, but according to their confessions, they are naughty nymphomaniacs to the bone. exhibitionists from the heart that don’t need a waterfall for getting wet.

My first sexual experience:
D: Sex on the beach with the hottest guy in town.
S: At a playground with my first boyfriend, just fingering-it was a great & pleasurable moment!

My last sexual experience:
D: This morning I jumped on my flatmate!
S: Getting it on with Dakota!

Sexiest thing ever done:
D: Had sex on top of Ululru (Ayer’s Rock)

Naughtiest thing ever done:
D: Got on stage at a strip club and licked the stripper out.
S: Girl/girl play.

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