Harley Haze and Shay Sights, Tongue tied

Luscious lesbians lick their lovers and lemon lollipops.

Harley Haze is practicing a speech in her room when her stepmom, Shay Sights, comes in and overhears.

Shay is surprised to learn that Harley made valedictorian, but wasn’t told about it. Harley admits that she didn’t say anything since she’s nervous because being valedictorian means she’ll have to give a speech at the graduation ceremony. She has trouble with public speaking.Shay is comforting as she helps Harley practice enunciating with some verbal exercises, but they don’t work.

Shay then tries to get Harley to try some tongue twisters. ‘Luscious lesbians lick their lovers and lemon lollipops.’ Harley is surprised and laughs at the phrase but Shay points out that the laughter means she’s relaxing — that’ll help with the speech. It’s all about having fun!Shay then suggests that maybe Harley just needs to strengthen her tongue so that she can enunciate more easily. Shay starts with some simple exercises, like instructing Harley to press her tongue to the roof of her mouth or lick her finger, but soon becomes inspired. If they really want Harley to strengthen her tongue and relax, there are much more fun and cheeky ways…

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