Harley Weir | Perverse Perfection

photo by Harley Weir

A Prurient Pursuit Of Perfection


The twisted world of Harley Weir is dominated by two opposing forces. One the one hand there is a frightening perfection, a confident way to handle color and composition in such a self-evident way that literally every subject ends up as a perfectly balanced image. On the other hand is a perverse point of view, an appetent way to see anything only as an object of lust and desire. These contrary forces fuses into a round dance of images that mesmerize by their total lack of innocence.

“A lot of my work is about exaggerating those mundane elements in life, making them beautiful and so allowing people to take notice.” Harley Weir

Her work, often commissioned for publications like AnOther Magazine, Citizen K, Australian Vogue, and Dazed and Confused, is full of references to the art history, from Dada artist Hannah Höch to pre-Raphaelite paintings. The artist who came first to our mind by looking through her work is Nobuyoshi Araki, like him, she has the ability to sexually supercharge basically everything.

“I just want to move someone. It doesn’t really matter what emotion it is really—whether someone’s disgusted, or it reminds them of love or anything like that. Any emotion, I would be very happy. It’s so difficult to move people.” Harley Weir

See more of Harley´s work at her tumblr