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Reena enjoys herself to the fullest

Beautiful Reena might be mistaken for Hispanic or middle eastern, but unmistakable a confident and body-conscious girl that knows how to pleasure herself to the max.

Hi guys, I’m Reina (or Reena as my Indian name). I didn’t know if I wanted to bring up my ethnicity on the website so I said I was Mexican but after I thought about it for a bit, I think I’m ok with people knowing this. I’m born and raised here but my mom is from Madurai and my dad is actually from Sri Lanka. Some people mistake me for hispanic or middle eastern. I always wanted to do mainstream modeling and I did a little bit before I turned 18 but they always tell you that you have to lose more weight and I didn’t want to be a waif. But it’s also why I didn’t want to get tattoos since it would interfere with my career. I did do gymnastics when I was in middle school and younger and even got a scholarship for college but decided I didn’t want to do college. My parents keep pushing it you need to be doctor lawyer etc. like my two brothers but I’m really not interested in that. I know they won’t like it much when they find out I’m doing nude videos but I’m enjoying it and its a lot better than my part time jobs at a gym and grocery store making near minimum wage.

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