Jasmine Arabia | Ooooh!

Jasmine Arabia from Morocco nude in the video Ooooh at Lustcinema.
Jasmine Arabia in part 5 of the video Ooooh.

Jasmine Arabia | A Maiden from Morocco at Manoir de l’Amour.

Jasmine Arabia, a French actress of Moroccan origin chose her stage name in reference to the American singer Jasmine Villegas and her Maghreb background. Wearing nothing but high heels and a classy corset, she is all Oooooh in this sexy video from Lustcinema.

Smart women don’t wait around for pleasure to find them – they go and get it! Florence is a modern woman who is anxious to understand and experience the intense orgasms she dreams of. Sex with her husband Antoine is passionate, but lacks the sensuality that she desires. So unbeknownst to him, she enrolls in a weekend seminar at Manoir de l’Amour. But amidst the anger, need, elation, confusion and discovery… fulfilment will prevail.

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