Jean-François Lepage | Recycle

Jean-Francois Lepage, recycle, courtesy of Galerie Madé
Jean-Francois Lepage, recycle, courtesy of Galerie Madé
“When I look at my images I see overly bright colors that are hiding our sadness – people who are wearing masks to reveal themselves – lonely characters strong and peaceful – mutilated forms that show human beauty and eyes turned inward to better understand our world.” Jean-Francois Lepage

By blending elements of cinema, surrealism, painting and photography, French-born photographer Jean-François Lepage creates images of haunting beauty. His collages of cut and stitched together images are based on outtakes from old shoots of now discontinued 8×10, 891 Polaroid from the 1990s.

“I always thought photography was not only about taking an image of someone or something, showing an instant,” he told TIME. “I think that unconsciously I try to extend the time, to prolong the moment of the shooting when I’m working later on my images. Cutting, engraving this inanimate matter, using staples to fix the pieces of film together – it is certainly a way to refuse the death of this instant.”

The alluring and unsettling series of works, entitled “Recycle” will be shown next month at Amsterdam’s Unseen Photo Fair, taking place between 18-20 September, 2015, alongside unseen images taken between 1998 and 1999.

images via Dazed,  courtesy of Galerie Madé