Kattie Gold in the Flashlight

Kattie Gold and Dennis Reed nude in the Flashlight. A video based on an Erotic Story at FrolicMe.

Kattie Gold and Dennis Reed | Liaison Dangereuse

Czech adult star Kattie Gold is the female lead in the video Flashlight, based on an Erotic Story at FrolicMe. The Femme fatale from Prague is the perfect cast for the rich lady that starts a secret affair with one of her husband’s employees.


How tedious could an evening be when my mind was surging with the need to get my hands trailing down his body? I had to get him away from it all but I needed to choose my moment carefully. The boring mundane pleasantry of the evening’s occasion found us both in a room full of people milling around making the delights of small talk an art form. I tried hard not to keep glancing over at him, I had to hide any and all interest I may have had in the tall young blonde man standing near the bar. That was a struggle in itself; catching sight of his sexy arse in the navy blue trousers he was wearing. It was critical that I didn’t reveal any signs of my crazed desire for him, or my knowledge of knowing the lean athletic torso. When the moment allowed I hastened a sneaky peek, noting the frame of his body housed snugly within this evening’s dark shirt. Just in that glance alone brought thoughts of his firm smooth curve of chest running down to a slightly softer but none the less muscular stomach with its soft little wasps of body hair. My mind was on nothing other than him and how my body was yearning just to touch him again. It was never my plan to fall for one of my husband’s employees, I wasn’t one of those women who constantly sought the fun of younger men. This encounter I had fought hard to resist, until I succumbed a few months ago when we found ourselves alone and from that moment on, I realised it was impossible to resist the urges I had when he was near. So our little rendezvous began. Each of our encounters were often short lived, intense moments… continue reading at FrolicMe