The Kissing Whip by Morgana Muses

The kissing whip is a sex and age positive bdsm video by director Morgana Muses at cinemajoy. Cast: Louiesianna Poke and Florian.

The Kissing Whip | A Dance of Devotion

The Kissing Whip was born from watching two beautiful creatures dancing one night. I couldn´t shake the vision from my mind, so a year later when I had the chance I wanted to recreate the sexual chemistry they had on film.
Morgana Muses

The Kissing Whip directed by Morgana Muses, the creative force behind Permission 4 Pleasure, explores pain, power and submission in an intense performance based on her own voyeuristic experience. The play of devotion and domination, performed through flogging, whipping and dance is contradicted with an unusual sunny setting and shot in excellent cinematography. Yet, the core quality of The Kissing Whip is the genuine intimacy between  Louiesianna Poké and Florian.

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