La Petite Mort | A Dark X-Rated Music Video

X-Rated Music Video La Petite Mort by King 810. A Dark Metal Porn film at pornhub.
La Petite Mort“, directed by David Gunn.

The x-rated music video by King 810 fuses dark metal porn and fine art nudes.

Michigan-based metal band King 810 visualized its song “La Petite Mort” (“the little death,” the French expression for an orgasm) with a x-rated music video featuring adult performers Jenna Foxx, Jasmine Summers, Amber Ivy, Lily Jordan, Alex Legend and Jake Jace. The  8-minute film, directed by frontman and vocalist David Gunn, is an incredible intense intersection between porn and classic nude photography full of explicit sexual imagery. “La Petite Mort”, shot entirely in black and white, creates a stark mood of dark sexuality and desperation, that is as raw as it is mesmerizing.

“It used to be that sex and rock and roll went hand in hand, but that archetype has been reconstructed over the years to make way for a safe/tame/boring/politically correct culture, which we have never belonged to. It’s sad that something so inherent and necessary has become taboo, but we have done what we always do and that is to follow the art wherever it must go regardless of how uncharted the territory may be.” David Gunn

“La Petite Mort” is the lead track from King 810’s latest album, La Petite Mort or A Conversation With God from Roadrunner Records. This Is King, a documentary series about the band is available on their you tube page.
The video “La Petite Mort” can be seen exclusively on Pornhub.