Lady Mai and Sandra G | A Lesbian Love Story

Lady Mai and Sandra G savour sensal lesbian sex in Something about Nadia by Erika Lust. This film is part of Five hot stories for her at Lustcinema.

Something About Nadia by Erika Lust

Something About Nadia tells the story of a young woman, Lady Mai, who is drawn to the beguiling Nadia (Sandra G), who works in an erotic boutique. Her fantasies of Nadia, dancing nude and solely for her, soon merge into reality when she is invited by the lady of her dreams. The mysterious Nadia seduces her willing victim during an erotically charged diner, savouring the delicious Lady Mai like the sashimi they share. Within a couple of red wine soaked kisses both girls are nude and continue the fondling and loving on the bed.

Something About Nadia is an early short by Erika Lust, released as part of her first feature-length work Five Hot Stories for Her. The anthology of five intelligent, erotic vignettes is still among the classics of explicit films made by and for women. The sensual lesbian sex between Sandra G and Lady Mai is as beautiful as it is arousing. A cornerstone in the making of Lustcinema.

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