Lauren “Lisa” Lace | Lisa’s Playroom

Lisa (Lauren Lace) and her husband Max explore some of her deepest desires.

Lisa (Lauren Lace) exploring her deepest desires.

Long-legged Lisa, a lady also known as Lauren Lace, Lauren Christ and Luce A, explores (with her husband Max) some of her deepest sexual fantasies. Max teases her with ice and ropes while she pleases him with crotchless panties and high heels.A delicate set with a gentle touch of fetish, as stylish as the surrounding. Pure x-art.

Oh my fucking god! This shoot is worth a year’s subscription all by itself. Sometimes, eroticism, beauty and art do combine into one whole, and this is such an instance. Lisa is so beautiful and sexy that it almost hurts to watch her. I find myself fascinated by the movement of her hips as her lovely naked body relishes the pleasure and pain of ice, tongue, fingers in her vagina, and dildo fucking. Your overhead camera work and the POV look at Lisa’s lovely pussy, erect nipples and sensual mouth are delicious. ( a lucky x-art member)

Lisa & Max : Lisa’s Playroom