Les Vampyres | A Lesbian Vampire Classic

Les Vampyres is a Lesbian Vampire Fetish video from Maria Beatty. The feminist porn movie is also known as Ladies of the Night. An alternate BDSM video classic from 1998.

Les Vampyres,  a Lesbian Vampire Fetish Fantasy by Maria Beatty.

Venezuelan filmmaker Maria Beatty created this feminist SM film back in 1998. The movie, an artful perspective on lesbian S&M and vampirism, tells the story of a girl captured by vamps to be tormented until dawn. She is taken underground to be flogged, paddled and caned with increasing intensity as sunrise approaches.
The black and white movie, that was clearly inspired by expressionist German cinema, French surrealism and American film noir, is now, after twenty years, available at the Kink network. It is part of Bleu, a dedicated channel to the art of Maria Beatty.

Les Vampyres (Ladies of the Night), 1998, 32 min.
starring Bleu, Mistress Dakota and Mistress Tchera.

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