Lollipop Girls | Cuteness overload

LollipopGirls. Reina Fujikawa and Yuzu Kitagawa, cute Japanese girls in a blowjob video. Lollipop Girls, the hottest girls that every subculture along Takeshita road in Harajuku has to offer.

Lollipop Girls | Cute as Fuck

LollipopGirls is a fresh Japanese site that celebrates the sweetest girls of the subculture along Takeshita road ( 竹下通り) in Harajuku – funky fairies, naked girls with pastel wigs and sexy Tokyo street fashionistas. The cute models perform all kinds of kinky fetishes, from Lollipop and cock sucking, milk squirting and  balloon bouncing to hardcore fucking and excessive creamy Bukkake. As this is a pure Japanese site, the lovely ladies are eating pixels but you’ll merely notice the censoring in this raunchy rainbow of colors. A wonderland of porn where the girls savour cocks like cotton candy. Kink in pink.


LollipopGirls. Yuzu Kitagawa, a nude Japanese girl in a balloon sex video. A cute Lollipop Girl masturbating.

Yuzu Kitagawa きたがわ ゆず | balloon sex

Yuzu Kitagawa is bouncing on a milk filled balloon, creating a milky mess before she continues with a mesmerizing masturbation performance.

Lollipop Girl Shuri Atomi, a sexy girl sucking cock and candy in a Japanese sex video.

Shuri Atomi 跡美しゅり sucking cock and candy.

Lollipop Girl Shuri Atomi has a sweet tooth for cock, cum and candy in the video “Shuri Atomi Sucks Candy Dick


Lollipop Girls Reina Fujikawa and Yuzu Kitagawa. Two Japanese girls giving a blowjob in a LollipopGirls video.

Reina Fujikawa 藤川れいな and Yuzu Kitagawa きたがわ ゆず in Double Dick Fun

. Sharing is caring. The two girls from Tokyo indulge themselves with rainbow chewing gum and a mutual blowjob.

LollipopGirls. Shuri Atomi, a nude Japanese girl in a kinky balloon sex video.

Shuri Atomi 跡美しゅり makes a milky mess.

Shuri, like her sister in sin Yuzu Kitagawa, demonstrates how much it can be to fuck around with a balloon. Marvelous, milky and messy.

Lollipop Girl Yui Kasugano, a nude Japanese girl in a cumshot video.

Yui Kasugano 春日野結衣 takes two at once.

Yui Kasugano feeds herself with two huge cumshots in a sea of pink and white balloons.

Lollipop Girl Cum Fetish. Ai Minano, a nude Japanese AV Idol gives a classic bukkake performance.

Ai Minano 皆野あい Begs For A Creamy Bukkake

Ai Minano, all pink and blue as a fellatio fairy, gives a classic Bukkake performance, that is, Bukkake Lollipop style.


Shuri Atomi, a nude Japanese girl in a kinky blowjob and cumshot video.


Shuri Atomi 跡美しゅり makes a milky mess, pt II

After riding the balloon, sweet Shuri moves back into old school porn territory with a caressing Handjob and Blowjob that ends in another delicious mess.

Reina Fujikawa, Bukkake with a nude Japanese alt girl.

Reina Fujikawa 藤川れいな glazed like a cake

Reina Fujikawa, all nude cuteness, rides an inflatable banana while receiving one facial after the other. Banana Bukkake if you like, with a mouth-watering candy girl who ends up like a glazed cake.

Lollipop Girls | a candy store of cute cum fetish.

If you have a knack for super cute Japanese girls, balloons and Bukkake, you’ll fall for the Lollipop Girls.