Lunar-Sea shot by Byron Spencer

We’re real mermaids. You scared? We dive deeper than hell goes, swim over world edges. We’re vainer than mirrors and cold like a stab. We’re monstrous. The abject. Dentata you dream of, the fish guts you kick, the God head you pray to. We’re banshees, bad bitches, old hags, sea witches. We’re beautiful and we smell disgusting. We bite. Scared? You should be.


‘LUNAR-SEA’ Shot By Byron Spencer from Oyster Magazine .

Videographer: Alex Goddard
Photographer: Byron Spencer @ DLM
Hair: Michelle McQuillan @ M.A.P using Fudge
Additional Hair Colour: Matthew Rogan @ Prema
Makeup: Victoria Baron using MAC Cosmetics
Models: Talisa & Anabella @ IMG, Jess @ Maverick, Yaya & Lydia @ Chic
All fashion by Hi Mum I’m Dead