Femme Noir | Margout Darko

Still from the video Femme Noir by Nico Bertrand featuring Margou Darko.

Nico Bertrand, a Barcelona based photographer and filmmaker with an obsession for the weird, dark and kinky, just released the trailer for his latest short “Femme Noir”.  Shot in dark, grainy colors, the film features a seductive Margout Darko undressing to a mesmerizing, moody score.

I went to the Red Room and there she was, staring at me with those big beautiful eyes and that song started to play. I couldn’t even talk, just saw how she was taking of slowly her clothes. That’s how I met my Femme Noir.

To watch the full movie you’ll need to contact Nico through his personal page, a page that offers a plethora of pornalicious photos and films.

Femme Noir (Trailer) from Nico Bertrand   digged via Jane’s tweets