Minna Ola | Squeezable Smart

The Minna Ola Couples vibrator with revolutionary Squeezable Smart Control. Soft and steady or fast and strong, Ola meets your mood and lets you play by your own rules. Get your own at Babeland.

You set the rhythm. You squeeze the beat. Minna Ola at your service.

At first glance the delicately curved Minna Ola, the debut product by Minna Life, seems to be just a beautiful shaped vibrator.  A teasing toy, but nothing that deserves to be praised in terms like revolutionary or award-winning.
You´ll need to get in touch with the beauty to encounter the sweet secret that makes the Minna Ola a truly unique toy.
Ola does not come with pre-programmed vibration patterns—instead, the pleasure experience is one that’s completely customized by you, the user.

Once Ola is on, gently squeeze the snake´s head, the pillowy, inflated tab and Ola springs to life. The harder you squeeze, the harder it responds, matching the force of your touch  by an equally forceful vibration. Looking for a light sensation? Gently stroke Ola’s head. Want the force be with you? Press tight, and get ready to rock.

There’s no single pattern for pleasure. Ola does what you tell it, when you tell it. Soft and steady or fast and strong, Ola meets your mood and lets you play by your own rules.

This powerful little devil is very deceiving- it has the ability to give multiple orgasms. I like the handheld feature, as well as the ability to program the rhyme and purses. You simply use your fingertips to control the amount and the intensity of the vibration. Genius! I highly recommend this product…for the single gal or the couple. Enjoy!
From a review by Carrie


I just call this my OMG
Yes, it takes some time to figure this one out… between intensity and programming. But once you do it…..there is nothing else that compares. Whether solo or with my partner this is a game changer.
From a review by Jean

Welcome to control; welcome to your main squeeze.