The Voyeuristic Eye of E.E. Spurrier

nude girls by E.E.Spurrier
nude girls by E.E.Spurrier
Two kissing girls by E.E. Spurrier

E.E. Spurrier | A Man With A Camera

Chances are high that even so you never came across the tumblr of E.E. Spurrier, you’ve seen his work already. His intimate and sensual photographs are widely spread all over the social networks, unfortunately often uncredited. He literally captures his girls in the act, in frozen moments of lust and longing. Influenced by a wide variety of photographers from Karl Lagerfeld to Diane Arbus and Leonard Nimoy, he created a very personal body of work that blurs the line between photography and film still. By emphasizing the voyeuristic eye of the photographer, often by including the display of a second camera, he makes the beholder a partner in sin. His seemingly random snapshots that come with a sophisticated color work and clever composition are on a par with the work of Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton.

All images taken from the tumblr of E.E. Spurrier.