Mystica Jade and James Deen | Diary Of A Sex Slave

Diary Of A Sex Slave Featuring Mystica Jade | Directed by James Deen

James Deen, the most loved boy in biz, brings us a fresh feature film starring Mystica Jade as his captivating toy. Part One is now streaming on, the full film will unfold throughout June. Summer will be hot.

In this BDSM fantasy, we follow the life of hot brunette Mystica Jade who is her master’s dutiful sex slave. She’s at his beck and call 24/7 so when the need arises, her ass and pussy are his for the taking! Watch as the master (played by James) slams her ass in a deep anal banging that has her cumming hard! Under her master’s spell the gorgeous vixen experiences her first ever gangbang and double penetration! And she loves it! Cum drenched and spent, Mystica is all too happy to play an oral submissive on her master’s date with gorgeous Dana DeArmond. And that’s just for starters…


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