Who is it (Official) | Bernhard Handick

  • Dothead by Bernhard Handick published by Used Magazine
    Dothead by Bernhard Handick

Myself understanding as an artist is not that I produce artwork which is completed after my process of creation. Rather, the spectator is the one who finishes the work in the particular way in which he interprets it – in this sense, he is the one to add the final brushstroke. Bernhard Handick


Who is Bernhard Handick ?

His statement above puts him on a par with Keith Richards who once said that a piece of music is only ready once it´s played live.  Indeed Bernhard sounds like a musician by describing the way he works in terms like sampling,  sound, loudness, structure or  harmony.
His mixed-media works of distorted, pixelated, reconstructed and layered fashion shots and portraits are fleet-fooded compositions confidently playing with mistakes and destruction. The images used are cleverly deconstructed, becoming something completely new while remaining their iconic quality.

All images shown here are from the series Who is it (Official)
Several are avaiable in small editions (80 x 60 cm – edition 7 + 2 AP) at Hauser online

Bernhard Handick´s works have been published at Vogue Italia, Kaltblut Magazine, Glamcult, The Fashionisto, GUP Magazine, Metal Magazine, C-Heads Magazine, Art Magazine, Juxtapoz, We Are Selecters, P Magazine, Washington Post..
He is also Founder and Art Director of Shoutout Magazine.