Pet Therapy | Mi-Undressed

Pet Therapy, a video from MI-UNDstudio, Danilo Pasquali, featuring Viola as a naked pet girl.

Pet Therapy | A Foxy Lady and a Sweet Cat.

Pet Therapy, is a sweet nothing of a video from Danilo Pasquali, the Milan-based artist behind MI-UNDressed , featuring a slinky Viola as a naked pet girl lolling around, masturbating and playing with a butt plug. Danilo has a knack for animalizing his models with extras like all kinds of animal mask, or, like in this video, with a fox tail butt plug. All that set to  the “Cat in the Window (The Bird in the Sky)” by Petula Clark as the score. Fluffy enough to abstain from any jokes about girls playing with their pussy.