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Polaroid by Millicent Hailes

Millicent Hailes Polaroid

Millicent Hailes shoots her polaroids the way it should be done, instant shots recording a certain moment, serving as a memory even if they are blurry or unstaged. Imperfection is part of the polaroid game and Millicent handles it with ease. Her skinny model girls, often quoting well known scenarios (like naked girls with bunny masks), became allies in a private diary.

I choose women I think are powerful or admire, not necessarily in the physical sense; just women I really notice. Whether it’s their mannerisms, the way they talk, move etc.. if I notice something interesting about a woman that’s what makes me want to photograph her. It’s just about confidence. I find it really attractive when someone is confident within themselves and doesn’t give a shit about what others think. That’s the kind of person I want to photograph. Millicent Hailes


snippet from an interview with Millicent at Dazed Digital


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