Scissor Sisters | Esme and Flora

Happy Scissor Sisters Esme and Flora.

Tribbing, licking, laughing.

The charm of abbywinters‘ girl-girls shoots is not at least based on the blithesome couples they bring together. The two nude girls thrown into a lewd romp are Esme and Flore, enjoying each other from head to toe.

Flora takes in every inch of Esme’s beautiful dark, soft skin as she touches tastes and explores her own naked body. Entwined and passionately kissing, Esme and Flora pull each other closer, their legs locking together so they feel their wet vulva’s pushed up against each other.  They grind and press together, feeling their bodies tense with the building pleasure. Experimenting with multiple positions, and even using some hot wax, they raise themselves to an intimate orgasm.

“Amazing! No other word for it. What a hot and orgasmic day! And Esme is just so cute and beautiful!!” Flora

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