Seduction | Parker Ellerman x Marcel Dettmann

Seduction by Berlin-based director Parker Ellerman is a dark, twisted narrative music short about lust, fetish, loss of control, fear, and madness. It tells the story of a woman who unintentionally kills her partner in the course of amourous play with surreal elements and black and white imagery. Director Parker Ellerman has teamed up with Berghain resident DJ Marcel Dettmann for his new semi-ambient-track “Seduction”, featuring Emika on vocals.

Marcel Dettmann feat. Emika SEDUCTION from Parker Ellerman

Marcel Dettmann, “Seduction” feat. Emika, Ostgut Ton
Written & directed by: Parker Ellerman
Producer: Munir Abbar
Cinematography: Albrecht Silberberger
Film Editor: Rob Myers
Casting: Eva Vollmar
Starring: Cleo von Adelsheim, Sven Gerhardt, Stefano Cassetti