Soapstones | Naked People Doing Things

Sofía nude by soapstones
Sofía nude by soapstones
Sofía in Mexico

Dog Days Dada of Summer

We have not the slightest idea who is behind a tumblr called soapstones, but he/she/they are having a lot of fun in the sun. The recurring theme of soapstones can be roughly described as naked beings doing things. Strange, obscure and funny things like dressing in spaghetti or lettuce leaves. Many of the mini performances have been shot in the sun of Mexico, Indonesia, Spain. Soapstones, like its eponym, is relatively soft, light and comes in many colors. A cornucopia for the last days of summer. Think Ryan McGinley meets Ren Hang meets Erwin Wurm.

soapstones on tumblr.

Kudos to the wonderful Jane Minou for this fine finding.