Sofia Prada | I play for both teams

Sofia Prada, bisexual in
Sofia Prada, bisexual in "I play for both teams". Part of Cabaret Desire by Erika Lust.

Bisexual Sofia Prada enjoys the best of both world.

I play for both teams is an early piece of  the ongoing project  XCONFESSIONS where lustful confessions of the audience are turned into arousing short films by Barcelona-based director Erika Lust . I play for both teams is based on the story of Ada67:

When I was in university, I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time. Neither knew that I was bisexual, or that I was two-timing them. They never suspected that my girlfriend Sara, or my guyfriend Adam were actually my fuckpuppets all along. I loved them both, but they really didn’t see it that way when found out about each other. Oops!

Ada is played by Sofia Prada, a Russian bundle of joy, now living in Barcelona. She relish her boy and her girl with equal pleasure and Erika juxtaposes the scenes in a way that they fuse into one beautiful, bisexual dream. Filmed in a little shabby-chic apartment in the center of Barcelona, this short was also published as part one of the Cabaret Desire collection.


I Play For Both Teams | Brought to you by LUST Cinema