Spectrophilia | Sex with a Ghost

Spectrophilia | Amber Nevada and Dido Wend nude in a lesbian bw ghostlove video from lust cinema.
Amber Nevada is the supernatural Succubus eating out Dido Wend in a lesbian ghost story.

Spectrophilia | A Sapphic Succubus.

Spectrophilia describes the sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from images in mirrors, as well as sexual encounters between spirits and humans.

If you fantasize about ghosts or imagine sexual scenarios involving you or others and spirits you can call yourself Spectrophiliac.

Folklore involving spirits having sexual relations with humans is still widespread in cultures around the world, including Arabic, Greek, Hindu, and Celtic culture.

Spectrophilia , directed by Erika Lust, brings us a sensual Succubus (Amber Nevada) lured into the real world by a thrilling masturbation solo by Dido Wend. Soon the supernatural lover is taking control and the ghost story turns into a lesbian love song.   Based on a poem about gothic erotica, Spectrophilia is of unearthly beauty.