Susana Melo | Reaching New Levels

The Anal Levels of Orgasm featuring Susana Melo

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The Anal Levels of Orgasm featuring Susana Melo

Have you ever wondered why all the plants in a tropical garden are green? It’s to offer a supporting contrast to the mesmerizing red hair of Susana Melo. Here we see the redheaded rascal seducing a boy in a luscious tropical setting. A colorful clip that clearly shows how much Susana enjoys riding to new levels of delight.

Susana knows that there are many way to reach the climax. For instance, she can have a tremendous orgasm by having an intense, passionate anal love. She call it the “Anal Level of Orgasm”… a mind-blowing, exciting thing that beautiful redhead would love to experience again and again, as often as possible.

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