Shino Aoi Tera Link | Cum Swapping Fellatio

Shino Aoi and Tera Link cock kissing and snowballing.

Shino Aoi and Tera Link are back together in a delicious video from Fellatio Japan. The beautiful nude girls, their bodies intimately entwined, share tender kisses and a cock at once. Rolling his shaft between their lips both girls can fill their mouth with cum. The beginning of a sensual snowballing session. …read more, see all

Tera Link | A Contemporary Cum Kiss

Cum Fetish as a piece of art.

This single frame, a preview for the forthcoming Cum Fetish video Tera Link Kisses You with a Mouthful of Cum, could be easily mistaken as a painting by Marilyn Minter. Marilyn Minter painted (and photographed) many close-ups of female lips, seen through clouded panes of wet glass. Pictures of seductive and disturbing nature that deconstruct the imagery of glamour and advertisement. It does not happen everyday that an uncensored snowballing cum kiss video blurs the line to contemporary art. …read more, see all

Shino Aoi and Natsuki Yokoyama

Japanese AV Idols Shino Aoi and Natsuki Yokoyama have a sweet tooth.

Shino Aoi (碧しの), the famous Gravure model from Tochigi, Japan, and her Japanese sister in sin, Natsuki Yokoyama (横山夏希) combine lesbian kissing with affectionate fellatio in this sensual, uncensored threesome video from Fellatio Japan. A mouth-watering mix of licking, kissing, sucking, nippling and snowballing (cum swapping). …read more, see all